meeting your own needs grieving

Grief has a profound way of reaching deep into our past, stirring up long-buried unmet needs from childhood. This emotional upheaval can resurface feelings of insecurity, abandonment, or not being seen and heard. It’s as if the loss we experience in the present echoes the unresolved pain and longing from our earliest years, bringing them

Meeting Your Own Needs When Grieving

Widows, widowers, and anyone who has lost a partner knows just how hard it is to cope with grief on Valentine’s Day. Claudia Coenen, widow and creative grief counselor, shares creative ways to cope with grief and heartache on Valentine’s Day, as well as activities and practices to honor and celebrate you love that undeniably very much present.

Valentine’s Day Grief: Creative Ways To Cope With Grief & Celebrate Your Love

Grief is an uninvited teacher, presenting lessons wrapped in the discomfort of loss. Whether through the death of a loved one or a non-death loss, such as the end of a relationship or a significant life change, grief challenges our foundational beliefs about the world, ourselves, and others. Understanding your assumptive world and core beliefs

Understanding Your Assumptive World and Core Beliefs through Grief & Loss