Online Grief Support With Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT

“Grief and bereavement support can help you move from the heartache and pain of loss to a place where you can start living your life again in a meaningful way, while honoring your loss and your love.”

Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT

My Grief & Bereavement Support Philosophy

I view grief as a natural reaction to loss that uproots our whole assumptive world. Our task after a major loss is to find a way to first cope with the pain, and then reconstruct our worldview in a meaningful way.

When you are the one who is grieving it helps to have compassionate support and a toolkit of coping strategies to not only help you with grief, but build resilience that you can access for whatever life throws your way.

Addressing the physical and emotional symptoms of grief - such as anxiety, rumination, and insomnia - is where I begin my work with most clients. We can not "think" our way out of grief. But we can learn how to use our body's natural resources to boost our resilience and alleviate suffering. 

Body/mind techniques, including movement and meditation, can help with everything from emotional distress to physical tension and mental fog, creating space for clarity and inner wisdom to emerge.

I know it may not seem like this is possible right now, but I have seen it work for others time and time again.

Your relationship with the person that died is also important. While they are no longer physically present, you are still relating to them.

Whether that relationship was full of love, full of anxiety, or somewhere in between, we will work together to help you express your feelings authentically, craft rituals, explore memorial projects, and reflect on their imprint on your life, if that is appropriate and appealing to you.

Ultimately I want to empower you to have the inner resources you need, the outer support you deserve, and the ability to create the life you want to lead, even in the wake of tragedy and loss. 

This is your grief journey. I am here to be your guide. As a certified yoga therapist with a master's degree in death, dying and bereavement, I have many tools in my toolkit I can share with you. Most importantly my approach is rooted in love and compassion. Even if we have not met before, we are already part of the same grief tribe. 

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