Mindfulness & Grief Gifts

The most important gift you can give to a bereaved person is your presence. Whether it is sitting by their side as they cry, offering words of care, taking out the trash, or distracting them when they request it, having someone to lean on is the best gift of all.

If you are looking for practical ways to help your grieving friend, I highly recommend Anne-Marie Lockmyer's book When Their World Stops: The Essential Guide to TRULY Helping Anyone In Grief

And if you also want to give them a gift that supports them through their grief process, here are few suggestions available from the Mindfulness & Grief Institute: 

mindfulness and grief book cover heather stang

The Mindfulness & Grief Book
With Guided Meditations To Calm Your Mind & Restore Your Spirit by Heather Stang. This classic book features inspirational stories of love and loss, as well as meditation scripts, mindful movement, journaling prompts, and expressive art projects. 

Awaken Meditation For Grief Program

Features weekly online gatherings facilitated by Heather, as well as 24/7 access to the Mindfulness & Grief Course Library. Monthly, Annual, & Lifetime memberships can be instantly gifted by clicking the "Is this a gift?" when you start the check out process.

Get compassionate live online grief support with author Heather Stang

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