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Edited By Jill A. Harrington, Robert A. Neimeyer

"Mindfulness As Your Grief Superpower" Chapter by Heather Stang.
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Superhero Grief uses modern superhero narratives to teach the principles of grief theories and concepts and provide practical ideas for promoting healing.

Chapters offer clinical strategies, approaches, and interventions, including strategies based in expressive arts and complementary therapies. Leading researchers, clinicians, and professionals address major topics in death, dying, and bereavement, using superhero narratives to explore loss in the context of bereavement and to promote a contextual view of issues and relationship types that can improve coping skills.

This volume provides support and psychoeducation to students, clinicians, educators, researchers, and the bereaved while contributing significantly to the literature on the intersection of death, grief, and trauma.

available as kindle or paperback 

Superhero Grief Table of Contents

Introduction: Finding Thanos in "Thanatology" and the Transformative Power of the Visual Arts 

Part I: Historical Backgrounds: Grief, Loss and The Creation of Superheroes 1. The Rippling Effects of the Holocaust: The Jewish Influence on the Development of Superheroes. 2. And Then Came Superman: Parallels with the Man of Steel and His Creators 

Part II: Understanding Superhero Grief Through Post Modern Grief Theory 3. Transformations in the Field of Grief and Bereavement: From Clark Kent to Beyond Kübler-Ross 4. Loss and the Heroic Quest for Meaning: A Conversation with Robert A. Neimeyer 5. Continuing Bonds Across the Universes: Superheroes and Enduring Connections. 6. Understanding Grieving Styles: Batman on the Couch 7. Bruce Wayne, Batman and Attachment-Informed Grief Work 

Part III: Types of Grief: Brief Case Studies of Superheroes 8. Deadpool and Anticipatory Grief 9. Superman and Secondary Losses 10. Magneto and Ambiguous Loss 11. Batman and Masked Grief 12. Wonder Woman and Delayed Grief 13. The Flash and Disenfranchised Grief 14. Iron Man and Chronic Grief 15. Avengers Infinity War and Endgame: Cumulative and Collective Grief 

Part IV: Grief and Culture: Cultural Influence in the Superhero Universes 16. A Tale of Two Funerals: Funeral Rites, Rituals and Customs Across the Superhero Universes 17. Black Panther: Exploring Grief, Ancestral Connection and the Duty to Carry-On 

Part V: Grief and Family Systems: Superheroes and Relationship Types 18. Observations on a Hero’s Response to Homicide 19. What Drax the Destroyer and Cable Help Us Understand About Grieving Fathers and Survivors of Familial Homicide 20. Parents and Caregivers: The Everyday Heroes Behind Superheroes 21. Katana: Spousal Bereavement and Continuing Bonds 22. Sibling Grief and Complex Relationships: Thor and the Death of Loki 

Part VI: Challenges in Bereavement: Facing Adversity 23. Deadpool 2 and Suicide After Bereavement: Lessons Learned from the Merc with a Mouth 24. Complicated Grief, Bruce Wayne and Batman: A Conversation with M. Katherine Shear 25. Traumatic Loss and How the Flash Could Benefit from Restorative Retelling 

Part VII: Posttraumatic Growth, Superheroes and Personal Stories Addressing the Five Factors 26. Posttraumatic Growth, Superheroes, and the Bereaved 27. Relating to Others: In the Aftermath of Loss, I am STORM 28. New Possibilities in Life: Superman and Finding Hope after Loss 29. Personal Strength: Combat Death, Love, Loss and the Emergence of the Wonder Woman Within 30. Spiritual Growth After Loss: Dr. Strange and My Spiritual Journey Amidst Profound Loss 31. Appreciation for Life: We Rise Like the Dark Knight 

Part VIII: Superheroes, Grief Leadership, Social Justice, and Advocacy 32. Grief Leadership: Examples from the Life and Service of Captain America 33. Parental Grief and Activism: On Becoming Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man 34. X-Men: What They Teach Us about Oppression and Marginalization of the Bereaved 

Part IX: Superhero-based Strategies of Care: Interventions and Creative Approaches 35. Avengers Endgame: What It Can Teach Us about Individuals and Families Facing the End-of-Life 36. Childhood Grief and the Healing Power of Superheroes 37. Using Superheroes in Grief Counseling with Children and Adolescents 38. The Superpower of the Expressive Arts 39. Grief and the Masks We Wear: Secret Identities are Not Only for Superheroes 40. Art Therapy Superhero Dolls: Totems of Strength and Remembrance 41. Mindfulness as Your Grief Superpower 

Part X: Conclusion 42. Finding Super Heroes All Around Us

available as kindle or paperback 

Edited By Jill A. Harrington, Robert A. Neimeyer
Publisher : Routledge; 1st edition (December 30, 2020)
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