Even in his absence, your connection with your father deeply etches itself on your heart. Reflecting on his imprint isn’t just an act of nostalgia; it’s a testament of enduring love that transcends his physical presence. Embracing this imprint within your grief, you nurture your natural longing for closeness. In this act of remembering, you

Father’s Day Grief: A Guided Meditation To Nurture Your Continuing Bond

Navigating through Father’s Day after a complex relationship can be a challenging and emotional process. It’s a day that can stir up a mix of emotions, especially if your relationship with your father was marked by mental illness, addiction, or any form of abuse. For me, my stepfather had bipolar disorder, a condition that brought an

Tips To Cope With Father’s Day Grief When Your Relationship Was Difficult

There is never a convenient time to lose someone you love. Nor is there a good time to be bowled over by emotions, especially at work or in a public place.  I know this firsthand. I can’t tell you how many times I have cried in a grocery store, on the street, or a restaurant during

Coping With Grief Waves at Work and in Public Places

Grief is a journey often difficult to navigate with words alone. Sometimes, the feelings and experiences are so profound that conventional language fails to capture them fully.  This is where the power of metaphors, combined with the therapeutic practices of journaling and drawing, comes into play. By engaging in these expressive activities, you’re not just

Journaling and Drawing Your Grief Metaphor

Grief has a profound way of reaching deep into our past, stirring up long-buried unmet needs from childhood. This emotional upheaval can resurface feelings of insecurity, abandonment, or not being seen and heard. It’s as if the loss we experience in the present echoes the unresolved pain and longing from our earliest years, bringing them

Meeting Your Own Needs When Grieving

In mindfulness, we find a powerful ally in our quest for clarity. It teaches us to see our thoughts and beliefs for what they truly are, allowing us to release what no longer serves us and embrace the truth of our experience. This clarity is not just about seeing more clearly; it’s about choosing to

Seeing Truth and Releasing Illusions: A Grief Meditation & Journaling Prompts

Meditation offers a sanctuary for the mind, a place where calmness and clarity can replace the turmoil and noise of everyday life. It’s a practice that doesn’t ask you to change who you are but invites you to become more aware of your inner self. When you are in deep grief, even a moment of relaxation

Visualizing A Place of Peace: A Grief Meditation & Journaling Prompts

Widows, widowers, and anyone who has lost a partner knows just how hard it is to cope with grief on Valentine’s Day. Claudia Coenen, widow and creative grief counselor, shares creative ways to cope with grief and heartache on Valentine’s Day, as well as activities and practices to honor and celebrate you love that undeniably very much present.

Valentine’s Day Grief: Creative Ways To Cope With Grief & Celebrate Your Love

Just as you make it through the grief of the winter holiday season, Valentine’s Day hits. You will make it through if you apply these helpful coping skills …

7 Tips For Coping With Grief And Valentine’s Day

Grief is an uninvited teacher, presenting lessons wrapped in the discomfort of loss. Whether through the death of a loved one or a non-death loss, such as the end of a relationship or a significant life change, grief challenges our foundational beliefs about the world, ourselves, and others. Understanding your assumptive world and core beliefs

Understanding Your Assumptive World and Core Beliefs through Grief & Loss

Embracing our grief journey is like walking through a garden of memories—each step uncovers both the shadows of loss and the light of growth. In acknowledging every petal and thorn, we learn to hold our grief with gentle strength and find resilience in the most unexpected places. Grief is a journey often marked by milestones of

Crafting Your Personal Grief and Growth Timeline

Explore the third edition of Heather Stang’s Classic, now titled Living with Grief – a mindful guide for navigating loss with new and updated content available in Kindle and paperback. In our journey through life, loss is an inevitable companion, yet the paths we tread through grief are uniquely our own. With the release of the

New “Living With Grief” Book By Heather Stang Launches January 9

While most of the world is celebrating the start of a new year, those of us who are grieving may be feeling not so joyous. Instead of fighting the reality that things are different, let go a little, and allow yourself to do things a little differently from before.

Grief In The New Year: 6 Mindful Tips To Cope

The At-Home New Year’s Eve Grief Retreat Schedule Is Below. Get The Full Playlist When You Join Awaken Online Grief Support. As the New Year’s Eve countdown ball drops, it may feel as though your grieving heart drops too. While many people welcome the clean slate of the New Year, those of us who lost a loved

2024 New Year’s Eve At Home Grief Meditation Retreat

I want to remind you of something incredibly important today: It’s okay not to feel okay.Grief is a unique and personal journey, and your holiday experience may not always align with the expectations of others. But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It means you are grieving.Today – and every day for that

A Message for Grievers on Christmas Day