Widows, widowers, and anyone who has lost a partner knows just how hard it is to cope with grief on Valentine’s Day. Claudia Coenen, widow and creative grief counselor, shares creative ways to cope with grief and heartache on Valentine’s Day, as well as activities and practices to honor and celebrate you love that undeniably very much present.

Valentine’s Day Grief: Creative Ways To Cope With Grief & Celebrate Your Love

Just as you make it through the grief of the winter holiday season, Valentine’s Day hits. You will make it through if you apply these helpful coping skills …

7 Tips For Coping With Grief And Valentine’s Day

Grief is an uninvited teacher, presenting lessons wrapped in the discomfort of loss. Whether through the death of a loved one or a non-death loss, such as the end of a relationship or a significant life change, grief challenges our foundational beliefs about the world, ourselves, and others. Understanding your assumptive world and core beliefs

Understanding Your Assumptive World and Core Beliefs through Grief & Loss

Embracing our grief journey is like walking through a garden of memories—each step uncovers both the shadows of loss and the light of growth. In acknowledging every petal and thorn, we learn to hold our grief with gentle strength and find resilience in the most unexpected places. Grief is a journey often marked by milestones of

Crafting Your Personal Grief and Growth Timeline

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While most of the world is celebrating the start of a new year, those of us who are grieving may be feeling not so joyous. Instead of fighting the reality that things are different, let go a little, and allow yourself to do things a little differently from before.

Grief In The New Year: 6 Mindful Tips To Cope

The At-Home New Year’s Eve Grief Retreat Schedule Is Below. Get The Full Playlist When You Join Awaken Online Grief Support. As the New Year’s Eve countdown ball drops, it may feel as though your grieving heart drops too. While many people welcome the clean slate of the New Year, those of us who lost a loved

2024 New Year’s Eve At Home Grief Meditation Retreat

I want to remind you of something incredibly important today: It’s okay not to feel okay.Grief is a unique and personal journey, and your holiday experience may not always align with the expectations of others. But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It means you are grieving.Today – and every day for that

A Message for Grievers on Christmas Day

Christmas, in its essence, is a time of reflection and connection. As you navigate your first without a loved one, consider embrace it as a journey of learning, self-compassion, and gentle rediscovery. As the holiday season unfolds, the joy and festivities can often be tinged with a profound sense of loss, especially if you’re experiencing your

First Christmas: Navigating Your Holiday Grief

Even in the rush of our daily lives, a tiny ritual can be a beacon of mindfulness, reminding us to nurture our spirit. It’s about carving out a moment to breathe, to ground, to be present. In a world that often demands more of us than we have to give, it’s easy to overlook the power

Tiny Rituals for Daily Survival

Grief during the holidays serves up a perfect storm where joyous memories crash against reality and expectations, something that is especially tough when it’s a child who’s grieving. I know this firsthand. On October 18, 1977, my uncle Doug died by suicide. I was 7 years old. While I don’t remember the specifics of the Thanksgiving

7 Tips to Support Grieving Children During the Holidays

It is no secret that many of us find the holidays stressful even when we are not grieving. However if you are trying to survive both grief during the holidays, here are 5 tips to help you reduce your suffering and approach this holiday season mindfully.

5 Tips For Grieving During The Holidays

Even if Thanksgiving felt like a disaster, it holds valuable lessons for us. As we approach Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, we can use these experiences as a source of wisdom. Remember, navigating the holidays while grieving is all about trial and error. It’s through these trials that we discover what truly works for us, carving

Grief Journaling Prompts to Find Wisdom for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Other Winter Holidays

In the thick of grief during the holidays, let’s cherish connection over perfection, embracing each moment as it comes with compassion for our selves and others. As the holiday season approaches, we often find ourselves swept up in a whirlwind of traditions and expectations. In my own childhood, holidays were marked by an almost competitive pursuit

Presence, Not Perfection: Navigating Holiday Grief

Grief changes the holiday landscape, but it doesn’t have to dictate it. With compassionate planning, we can find a way to honor both our loss and ourselves during this season. The holiday season is often heralded as a time of joy and togetherness, but when you’re grieving, it can transform into a stretch of weeks filled

Grief-Sensitive Winter Holiday Planner: Free Download To Help You Cope