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Edited By Kenneth J. Doka & Amy S. Tucci

"Complementary Therapies: Intimacy in Hospice Care" Chapter by Heather Stang.
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HFA's most recent publication, Intimacy and Sexuality During Illness and Lossedited by Kenneth J. Doka and Amy S. Tucci, identifies barriers to intimacy and sexuality for terminally ill persons and the bereaved and the knowledge and skills professionals must have to sensitively address and suggest interventions to help meet these elemental human needs.

As contributing author John Cagle notes, “Despite a prevailing misperception that the latter stages of life are fraught with gloom and doom, many patients with life-limiting illness engage in humor, loving expressions, and physical connection. Loving relationships can be strengthened, even in the face of serious and life-limiting illness. Practitioners can work to facilitate social connections and family involvement for patients. Reframing the ‘dying’ experience as ‘living yet to do’ may serve to empower patients and families to engage in intimate conversations and affectionate activities.”

available As A Book & Training Program

Intimacy and Sexuality During Illness and Loss 

Table of Contents

Close to Death: Intimacy and Sexuality at Life’s End
Kenneth J. Doka 

Critical Questions for Support of Sexual Expression During the End of Life: Exploring Intimacy From an Ecological Perspective
Kate A. Morrissey Stahl, Kyle L. Bower, Desiree M. Seponski, and Denise C. Lewis

Addressing Issues of Intimacy and Sexuality in Hospice and Palliative Care
John G. Cagle

Assessing for Intimacy and Sexual Needs
Kenneth J. Doka

Challenges to Intimacy for LGBTQ Persons at Life’s End
Brian de Vries

Intimacy and Dementia: The Challenge of a Generation
Elaine Healy

Voices: Trained in the Art of Not Talking About It
 Elizabeth Uppman-Márquez

Complementary Therapies: Intimacy in Hospice Care
Heather Stang

Broaching Intimacy Needs With Clients at the End of Life
Alua Arthur


Sexuality and Grief: The Loss of a Spouse
Carrie Arnold

Intimacy and Sexuality in Parents Following the Loss of a Child
 Geoffrey W. Corner, Wendy G. Lichtenthal, Kailey E. Roberts, and Talia I. Zaider

Voices: “Why Aren’t You There for Me?” Finding Intimacy Again After the Loss of a Child
Cathy Seehuetter

Challenges to Sex, Intimacy, and New Relationships: When a Partner or Spouse Dies by Suicide
Jill Harrington-LaMorie


Intimacy and Sexuality Needs of Children and Adolescents at the End of Life
Michelle H. Bronzo, Kristin H. Drouin, Lauren E. Broschak, Darah W. Curran, and Sage Bolte

Intimacy and Sexuality in Grief: Challenges and Opportunities for People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Margaret Lynn Beaudoin-Kobb

Spirituality and Sexuality
Kenneth J. Doka

The Physiological and Emotional Benefits of Complementary Therapies at the End of Life
Hannah Sherebrin

available As A Book & Training Program

Edited By Edited By Kenneth J. Doka & Amy S. Tucci
Publisher : Hospice Foundation of America (2020)
Language: English
Paperback : 232 pages
ISBN-10 : 1893349241
ISBN-13 : 978-189-3349247

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