In episode 43, New York Times Bestselling author, Adam Mansbach, talks with us about his new memoir “I HAD A Brother Once” which details his grief of losing his brother by suicide a decade ago. As a writer, he struggled for nine years before he was finally able to write about his brother. Although he is known for his very successful novels, Adam’s new book is written poetry style with dramatic storytelling about his life. In it, he shares how his brother David felt he had to wear masks to hide his real self, and the importance of removing the masks of shame and guilt to save lives.

#43 I HAD A Brother Once: Unmasking the Grief of Sibling Loss by Suicide with Adam Mansbach
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MINDFULNESS & GRIEF PODCAST EPISODE 22Healthy Lifestyles After LossEat, Sleep, Move, SmellWith Jason Wendroff-Rawnicki SHOW NOTES Grief is a natural and healthy reaction, but if you are like most people, healthy is not a word you would use to describe how you eat or sleep when in the throes of loss. The stress of grief disrupts our

Healthy Lifestyles After Loss: Eat, Sleep, Move, Smell with Jason Wendroff-Rawnicki
Walking With Our Loved Ones_ Mindful Ways to Remember and Stay Connected After Loss With Laurie Cameron

In the eleventh episode of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast, I interview Laurie Cameron, author of The Mindful Day, founder of Purpose Blue, and certified meditation teacher. She shares mindful ways we can navigate the emotions that accompany grief, reconnect with ourselves, and continue to relate to the people in our lives that we mourn.

Walking With Our Loved Ones: Mindful Ways to Remember and Stay Connected After Loss With Laurie Cameron