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Pet Loss & Grief

Why Our Companion Animals Are More Than "Just A Pet"

With David Roberts, LMSW 


Pet loss is often a grief dismissed by people who have not formed a deep bond with an animal, but those of us who have non-human best friend know the love and heartache that comes when a special pet dies. In the sixteenth episode of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast we explore our deep love for our pets, why we mourn them,  and how they can help us feel connected to our deceased loved ones when they are alive. Dave Roberts, LMSW, shares how two cats, Bootsy & Angel, helped him cope with the death of his daughter Jeanine, and how having these pets served not only as a comfort, but as living continuing bonds to his daughter after her death. He shares tips from his book about how to help children cope with pet loss, which is helpful for grown-ups, too. A frequent guest and blog contributor, David is always a joy to listen to, as he weaves in different and often unexpected perspectives of loss that can only come from wisdom gained from experience.

About Dave Roberts, LMSW

Dave Roberts, LMSW, is an author and founder of Bootsy & Angel Books, LLC, and most importantly, the father of Jeannine, who died of a rare form of cancer when she was 18. Dave supports other grieving parents through his work with The Compassionate Friends, in his private practice, and through writing, speaking, and teaching in the psychology department at Utica College. Learn more about Dave at Bootsy & Angel Books, LLC., where you can also purchase his book on pet loss and holiday grief.

Read David's Article, 3 Reasons Why Pet Owners Repeatedly Visit the World of Grief, and find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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