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Is My Deceased Loved One OK?With Sharon Prentice, Ph.D.


Hope From Becoming Starlight & The Shared Death Experience

If you wonder what happens to your loved one after they die, you are in good company. Wanting to know your deceased loved one is OK, that they are not suffering, that they may even be happy, is a universal feeling rooted in the love that is the root of our grief. The question of life after death is one of the first questions I asked when my uncle died by suicide when I was just 7 years old. In my teens I found a book called Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody, which detailed the phenomenon of the near-death experience.

In her book Becoming Starlight, Surviving Grief and Mending The Wounds of Loss,  Dr. Sharon Prentice shines a light on what she believes happens to our loved ones after they die based on her shared death experience with her husband. In this episode of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast, Dr. Prentice reveals her “peek into foreverness” that occurred at the precise moment of her husband’s death. She describes how what she saw impacted her grief over time, and how it informs her work with people who are dying in her role as a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor.

This is a very special interview. It dives into the mysteries of life and death while leaving space for us to still grieve, still mourn, still question. If you are wanting to know if your loved one is OK, this podcast will certainly give you something to think about – and what we all need when facing the heartache of grief - hope. 

About Sharon Prentice, Ph.D.

As a Transformational Psychologist, Dr. Prentice specializes in advanced Temperament profiling for the Psychological, Business and Information communities.  She holds Board Certification in Individual and Group therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Integrated Marriage and Family therapy, Crisis and Abuse therapy, Grief therapy and Spiritual Direction through Life Coaching. The basic premise underlying the modalities of Transformative therapy is one that emphasizes the importance of the Spiritual health of individuals as it pertains to the overall emotional, psychological and physical health of clients.  Transformation through temperament profiling is an inner psychology that transforms and integrates self-knowledge that, in turn, allows for personal transformation on a heightened level of conscious awareness.

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Becoming Starlight by Sharon Prentice
is my deceased loved one ok
is my deceased loved one ok sharon prentice

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