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Heather Stang is a sought after mindfulness speaker with a warm, calming voice and a message grounded in research and informed by her real world experience teaching and practicing mindfulness. From grief and caregiving to leadership and personal growth, Heather makes mindfulness relevant in today's world even though the techniques are ancient.

The benefits of mindfulness will last long after your event ends. Heather will not only engage and inspire your event attendees at the event, she will send them home with actionable tools, including relevant handouts and links to  guided meditations.

My goal is to leave the audience with the burning desire to live more fully, more mindfully. I always try to meet them where they are, and give them the tools to take the next step forward. - Heather Stang

Heather is available for keynote, experiential, motivational and educational programs. If you are looking for a mindfulness speaker for your next conference, meeting or seminar, contact Heather now using the form on this page, or call 240-446-3030 today!

Heather's Mindfulness Speaker History

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April 2016 | Mindfulness & Leadership Excellence
National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization
Management & Leadership Conference, National Harbor, MD

April 2016 | Mindfulness & Grief: Coping Skills for Life After Loss
Association for Death Educators and Counselors
Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN

March 2016 | Relaxation Response for Dementia Caregivers
Arden Courts of Kensington
Kensington, MD

February 2016 | Mindfulness In The Trenches: Cultivating Peace No Matter What
Mental Health Association of Frederick County
Frederick, MD

November 2015 | Meditation for Grief: For Organ Donor Family Members
Live On NY
New York City, NY

November 2015 | Reducing Dementia Caregiver Stress: Focus on Mindful Meditation
Western Maryland Alzheimer's Association
Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Conference
Frederick, MD

October 2015 |Mindful Leadership: The Transformative Power of Now
Maryland Library Association
Ellicott City, MD

September 2015 | Keynote: Mindfulness In The Trenches: Cultivating Peace No Matter What
Maryland Association of Information & Referral Systems
2015 Maryland AIRS Conference: I&R Retreat
Elliott City, MD

April 2015 | Mindfulness & Grief: Techniques for Posttraumatic Growth
Association for Death Educators and Counselors
Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX

2014 | Invited Guest Speaker
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Out Of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk, Frederick, MD
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2014 | Mindfulness & Grief: The Transformative Power of Now
Association for Death Educators and Counselors
Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

2013 | Are We Taking Our Own Advice?
Advertising Federation of Frederick County
Speaker Series, Frederick, MD

2010 | Relax and Renew Toolkit: Practicing Peace in the Midst of Loss and Mindful Grief: Yoga & Meditation to Heal Your Body-Mind
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Survivors Conference, Schaumburg, IL

2009 | Poster Presentation: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Bereavement Support Group
Association for Death Educators and Counselors
Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX

2008 | Yoga Experiential for Large People and Yoga Experiential for Self-Esteem
Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt
National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Baltimore, MD

2002 | Keynote: You Can’t Eat Art: How to Land a Job in Graphic Design
Frederick Community College
Careers in the Arts Night, Frederick, MD

Mindfulness Speaker Topic Ideas

30-90 Minute Mindfulness Keynote Speeches, Workshops & Lecture Programs

Custom-tailored for your organization and conference theme, an inspirational keynote with Heather Stang will feature actionable items mixed with illustrative stories and inspirational anecdotes. Heather will take the time to discuss your goals and the needs of your audience to deliver an unforgettable and memorable presentation.

2-4 Hour Experiential Workshops

  • Mindfulness In The Trenches
  • Relaxation & Meditation for Grief
  • Meditation for Stress Management
  • The Relaxation Toolkit
  • Conscious Relaxation: The Healing Power of Now
  • Compassion & Forgiveness: How To Heal Your Heart with Loving-Kindness
  • Who Am I Now? Meditation, Journaling & Posttraumatic Growth

Day Long Retreats

  • Mindfulness & Grief Retreat
  • The Joyful Heart Retreat
  • Gentle Heart Forgiveness Retreat
  • The Healing Retreat
  • Still Voices Silent Meditation Retreat


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Stang, H. (2014). Mindfulness and grief : with guided meditations to calm and restore the spirit. London: Cico Books. Learn more...

Whittington, H. (2009). Living in the body: Using awareness of physical sensation to cope with loss. ADEC Forum, 35(4), 15.



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“Heather's approach was exactly the right balance for our group. She provided historical context for mindfulness practice, then led us through a number of hands-on exercises. The large audience was a blend of novices & current mindfulness practitioners. They were all equally engaged throughout her talk. We're already planning our next training with Heather!”

Maryland Library Association

“My favorite part of 'Meditation for Grief' was the compassion meditation. I felt it really resonated with our donor families and was something that they could incorporate into their daily lives. I also enjoyed the beginning of the workshop where she engaged the donor families and had them share a little bit about themselves and their loved ones. Heather is warm, compassionate, and engaging. She is a great teacher and makes meditation seem attainable and realistic."

Donor Family Services Coordinator, LiveOnNY

“Heather Stang is a very knowledgeable person and she can help you learn about mindful meditation. She knows about grief, stress, relaxation and more. Heather helped over 120 people by speaking at the Western Maryland Dementia Conference; if you have a chance to work with her, I think maybe she can help you too!”

Education Coordinator, Alzheimer's Association Greater Maryland Chapter

“On behalf of the whole MHA Staff, thank you for your wonderful presentation at our February staff meeting. I know we all gained valuable and practical techniques for self care.”

Mental Health Association of Frederick County

“I just reviewed the feedback from the event and all said that the seminar “The Relaxation Response for Dementia Caregivers” was excellent. From my point of view, the program was a gift to people who are stressed by caregiving. What I found amazing was that there was a roomful of 25 people and for 25 minutes there was not one sound but your soothing voice. Who among us takes the time to be quiet and rest? Thank you Heather.”

Arden Courts of Kensington

“Not only is she dedicated to making her presentations informative & well-researched, but she also makes them really entertaining! A colleague came up to me after Heather's talk who said she's one of the best speakers we’ve ever had for this organization.”

Greater Frederick Advertising Federation

Mindfulness Speaker

"Mindfulness & Leadership" - Maryland Library Association

Mindfulness Speaker