Heather Stang, Mindfulness & Grief Expert

MINDFULNESS Speaker & Author

Engaging & Inspiring Mindfulness Expert Focused On Evidence-Based Applications For Meditation & Mindful Living

Heather's guided meditations have helped thousands cope with grief & stress. Listen below!

Bring Heather Stang to your community for workshops & speaking engagements on Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness & Grief, Stress Management & More!


“Heather's approach was exactly the right balance for our group. She provided historical context for mindfulness practice, then led us through a number of hands-on exercises. The large audience was a blend of novices & current mindfulness practitioners. They were all equally engaged throughout her talk. We're already planning our next training with Heather!”

Maryland Library Association

“Not only is she dedicated to making her presentations informative & well-researched, but she also makes them really entertaining! A colleague came up to me after Heather's talk who said she's one of the best speakers we’ve ever had for this organization.”

Greater Frederick Advertising Federation

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Heather Stang's grief book is an 8-week guide, & features over 35 grief meditations, yoga & journaling exercises to help you cope with life after loss. Excellent resource for grief counselors who want to facilitate a mindfulness based grief group.

  • Ease your physical symptoms of grief
  • Calm your mind and help you regulate difficult emotions
  • Increase compassion toward yourself and others
  • Help you make meaning from your loss & honor your loved one
  • Develop your new self-narrative for moving forward