VON Hope, Resilience, & Posttraumatic Growth

Hope, Resilience, & Posttraumatic Growth

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Who Am I Now? Meditation

Journaling Prompts For Meaning Reconstruction

  1. How did you make sense of the death when it happened, and how do you interpret the loss now?
  2. What philosophical or spiritual beliefs have influenced your grief experience?
  3. Have those philosophical or spiritual beliefs changed in any way?
  4. How has your grief experience impacted your sense of priorities?
  5. How has loving this person impacted your life?
  6. Is there anything you need to do that would help foster healing, either spiritually or philosophically?

This exercise can also be reviewed with a beloved friend, trusted family member, or in a therapy session. Questions adapted from Robert Neimeyer's Meaning Reconstruction Interview in Lessons of Loss.

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