Couples Yoga Therapy

Couples Yoga Therapy
Heather prepars the mat for a couples yoga therapy session.

Couples sessions are available for partners who desire to support one another after a loss.

Trust. Acceptance. Growth.

Couples Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an excellent way to deepen your connection with your partner, while uncovering your own self-awareness. Sessions last two hours. It is recommended (but not required) that each partner receive an initial individual session to establish comfort with the process, and to become aware of any individual intentions or goals.

How is a couples session different from an individual session?

Unlike an individual session, the practitioner will sit “off the mat” and serve as a facilitator/witness for the couple “on the mat.” Much like an individual session, guided body scans, breath work and client centered dialogue will help the couple focus on what’s happening in the present moment, and how these awarenesses show up in daily life. Partner yoga may also be incorporated into the sessions as appropriate.

Each partner will be encouraged to feed back to the other what they have heard spoken, creating a space of understanding and acceptance. The practitioner will act as a guide to preserve boundaries and the integrity of the words and experience.

Integrate the Experience

At the end of the session an integration period will explore both the individuals and couples intention and action step to move forward.

Couples Session (120 Minutes): $185

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