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Online Meditation Class for Grief
Transform Your Life After Loss

Next Four Week Class Coming Fall 2021
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$95 Includes 4 Live Zoom Sessions & Online Course With Heather Stang, Author of Mindfulness & Grief

Designed for bereaved people new to meditation as well as those who wish to dust off an old practice! We will start by defining meditation and explore the ways a regular meditation practice can help you cope with grief as well as manage anxiety and stress. You will learn a variety of techniques and  how to create your own home practice, apply what you learn in real-life situations, and feel comfortable joining a drop-in meditation class online or once studio doors reopen.

Week 1: Deep Relaxation for Grief

When you are grieving, your body is in a state of stress. During the first online meditation class you will learn how to flip your stress switch to “off” in a manner of minutes and elicit the “relaxation response,” your body’s innate ability to recover from the physiological impact of grief and loss. This can help you sleep better, worry less, and avoid stress-related illnesses.

Week 2: Being Here, Now

It is natural for our grieving mind to time-travel to the past and future. During the second meditation class you will learn how to use your six senses to be here now. This will allow you to appreciate the present and let go of unhelpful “add-ons” that cause emotional distress. Ultimately, you will reach a new level of clarity as you learn how to relate to each moment in a different way.

Week 3: Compassion for Ourselves & Others

When you are grieving, your address book changes. The people you thought would offer support might let you down. On the flip side, you may form new connections with people who "get it." During the third online meditation class, we will explore compassion for yourself and others. You will learn how being kind to yourself can help you cope with grief and repair or release damaged relationships. You may even find that you have more in common with the difficult people in your life than you ever imagined. 

Week 4: Coping with Grief’s Difficult Emotions

Sadness, anger, fear, regret. These are just a few of the painful emotions that arise when we are grieving. Being mindful doesn't mean that you pretend everything is OK; it means that you address what is real and true with an attitude of compassion and care. During the fourth meditation class, you will learn to approach difficult emotions in a way that transforms them into wisdom and self-compassion. This last gathering includes a period of formal practice as well as a question-and-answer session to help you continue your meditation practice beyond the four-week period.