Grief Retreats 2023: Making Peace With Loss

Honoring Grief With Mindfulness & Ritual
Rhinebeck, NY

Terri Daniel, PhD
Author, Grief and God

Heather Stang, MA
Author, Mindfulness & Grief

Grief retreats are an excellent way to get expert support while connecting with retreat participants who understand what you are going through.

During this 3-day grief retreat at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, you will connect with three esteemed grief authors who will lead you through healing practices to help you cope with loss and build resilience. 

Register early to get the best choice of accommodations during this three day weekend grief retreat.

Making Peace with Loss
Grief Retreat Description

If you are mourning the death of a loved one or a loss of any kind—including divorce, job loss, pet loss, health loss, or any major life transition—know that there is solidarity and support to be gained from people who have firsthand experience with the challenges you are facing.

Join bereavement experts Terri Daniel and Heather Stang in a learning environment that will introduce you to healing processes not found in traditional counseling or support group settings. Also attend a special evening session and spirit reading with psychic medium Suzane Northrop.

Find comfort and support in an array of healing practices and multicultural traditions for working with grief, including yoga, meditation, art therapy, music therapy, and sacred ceremony.

In this retreat, you discover how to tend to the pain of your loss by learning how to:

  • Give yourself time and space to mourn so that you can care for your grieving body
  • Integrate the reality of your losses into a new model for going forward
  • Pick up the pieces, and reengage with life in a healthy, meaningful way
  • Accept and embrace impermanence
  • Develop practices for reopening a wounded heart
  • Create personal healing rituals to honor the grief journey

The intention of this program is to help participants move toward internal transformation rather than focusing on external events. This is realized by utilizing practical tools that move the "stuck" energy of grief out of our bodies and into a more spacious, more ventilated emotional landscape.

During the workshop, you experience:

  • Multi-cultural teachings and practices
  • Exploration of cosmologies and theologies related to loss
  • Family dynamic mapping
  • Guided meditations and journeys
  • Art therapy processes
  • Heart-healing ceremonies and rituals
  • Interactive group work

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Special Saturday Evening Event

8-10 p.m. - Evening with Spirit to Connect with Loved Ones

Join psychic medium Suzane Northrop as she leads “gallery-style” readings for randomly selected attendees!

More Information

Note: Participants should plan to attend all sessions. There will be no option to transfer into the workshop after it has begun.

Things To Bring

Faculty asks that you bring a personal sacred object that represents your grief journey, such as a photograph or memento, as well as pen and paper for writing and drawing exercises. Also, please note that Omega will not be providing yoga mats to borrow, so you must bring one with you or purchase one at the Omega Store.

Continuing Education

Faculty Terri Daniel is independently offering CE credits for this program. There are six CE credit hours available for an additional cost of $50. If you would like to purchase CEs, please contact Terri Daniel at (503) 957-7419 or [email protected]. For more information, please visit

Register early to get the best choice of accommodations during this three day weekend grief retreat.

Get compassionate live online grief support with author Heather Stang

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