Grief Resources

If you know of a grief resource not included on this list, please leave a comment below.

Priceless Free Grief Resources

  • – Free journaling site for grief & loss, with “Ask Dr. Neimeyer” section.
  • Grief Healing Discussion Groups – Supportive Bereavement Community
  • Find a Grief Counselor (thanatologist) – (Association of Death Educators & Counselors – ADEC)
  • Coping with Loss – (Association of Death Educators & Counselors – ADEC)

Books on Mindfulness and Yoga for Grief

  • Mindfulness & Grief: With Guided Meditations To Calm Your Mind & Restore Your Spirit (Heather Stang)
  • Yoga for Grief & Loss (Karla Helbert)
  • Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate And Spiritual Guide To Coping With Loss (Sameet Kumar)
  • A Lamp in the Darkness: Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times (Jack Kornfield)
  • When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times (Pema Chodron)
  • Unattended Sorrow: Recovering from Loss and Reviving the Heart (Stephen Levine)
  • Yoga for Grief (Lorna Bell)

Articles on Mindfulness, Yoga & Grief

Web Sites for Survivors


Get compassionate live online grief support with author Heather Stang

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