Meditation for Grief Webinar

Discover how meditation can help you manage
the impact of grief and reduce your suffering.


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When you attend, you will learn…

How to harness powerful yet simple meditation practices to reduce suffering and cope with life after loss. Meditation can help you cultivate self-compassion, all while doing helpful “grief-work” and maintaining a connection to your special person.  You will learn:

  • Tips on how to apply meditation to reduce physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering
  • How meditation is “easier than you think” and will have instant benefits
  • Why starting a meditation practice now can help you not only cope with grief, but help you create a healthy lifestyle for years to come
  • PLUS you will get a special offer just for watching this webinar all the way through!


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Heather offers a unique and effective approach to grief by beautifully entwining grief education with expressive arts, mindfulness, and journaling. Her online programs offer excellent meditations and discussions about grief related issues. Heather’s calm and compassionate presence are a healing balm in times of great loss.

She explains grief so well that you feel as if she walks through the process with you and deeply comprehends the ever changing path of grief. I found her program to be both educational and experiential, an unusual combination in the field of grief. I greatly appreciate her expertise, wisdom, intuition, and compassionate approach. I recommend her programs without reserve! Thank you!


Get compassionate live online grief support with author Heather Stang

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