Who Should and Who Should Not Apply to be a Guest Blogger

The Mindfulness & Grief Blog has a mission of offering useful insights into grief and loss, and we only accept original posts. We publish articles from Grief Professionals/Volunteers/Authors who wish to offer helpful guidance that is rooted in evidence-based research or anecdotal observations, as well as Bereaved People who want to share their personal story of how mindfulness can help with grief.

We do not accept articles from marketing agencies, professional content bloggers paid to promote a company, or people representing an entity that wishes to market on our site.  Unsolicited submissions from marketing agencies who want to help us promote our  blog will be reported as spam.

What we’ll need along with your post: 

  • Article Title that includes the page’s Focus Keyword
  • 300-500 minimum Word Count
  • Microsoft Word format
  • Author Headshot (Please send as an attachment. We’ll include the image along with your author bio!)
  • Cover photo of your Book, if applicable
  • Author Bio (3-5 sentences)
  • Links to Your Social Media Accounts & Web Page(s)
  • (Optional) Copyright Released Hero Photo—if one isn’t included, we are more than happy to select a stock image to use

Ensure the post:

  • Properly cites research sources.  Please use APA style rules for citations.
  • Is carefully proofread—with permission granted from you to do light sentence-level grammar-related editing (only if needed) on our end before publishing
  • Has not and will not be published on any other website
  • Does not violate any copyright laws in its content

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