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heather-stang-mindfulness-aging-greatfullyMindfulness Meditation & Aging GreatFULLy with Heather Stang
September 2, 2016

Sunrises & Sunsets and the host of the Aging GreatFULLy Podcast interviews Heather Stang on the benefits of mindfulness as we travel the path of life on this weekly radio show.


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Mindfulness and Grief with Guest Heather Stang, M.A.
June 2, 2014

Join Heather Stang, author of Mindfulness & Grief, to learn how the practice of mindfulness meditation can help you reduce physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering while improving your overall health and quality of life. Although it is thousands of years old, Mindfulness is just now being recognized by mainstream medical and mental health professionals for its powerful healing properties. Used in hospitals and clinical settings to reduce symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, addiction, and heart disease, to name a few, mindfulness meditation is easy to learn and can be practiced in the privacy of your own home or in a supportive group. It costs nothing, requires no physical aptitude or a particular belief system or religion. If you can breathe, you can learn to be mindful and benefit from this natural gift.

Learn & Earn CE Credits on Mindfulness & Grief

Association for Death Education & CounselingThe Association of Death Educators & Counselors offers replays of past conference recordings that can earn you 1 to 1.5 CEs. Below are two previews of Heather Stang's presentations at the 2015 and 2016 ADEC conference. If you like what you see, just click on the link to learn more and purchase the full recording.

Mindfulness & Grief: Coping Skills for Life After Loss

Facing the reality that a loved one has died is overwhelming, yet bereaved people also have to cope with physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual suffering. Mindfulness-based techniques – including meditation and yoga – can help bereaved clients reduce unpleasant side effects while learning powerful coping skills. During this session she uses case examples and practical instruction to explain how mindfulness can be applied as a grief intervention. From clients in an acute period of grief to people further along on their journey, the ancient practice of mindfulness allows bereaved people to experience grief without becoming grief itself.

> This is a 5 minute preview sample. Purchase the full recording from the Association of Death Educators & Counselors 2016 Conference Recording Page

Mindfulness and Grief: Techniques For Post-traumatic Growth

Mindfulness-based practices, such as meditation, yoga and formal compassion practice, can help bereaved people steady their mind, relax their body, and make meaning from their loss, all while tapping into the stress-reducing relaxation response. Based on case studies from a weekly drop-in Relaxation and Meditation for Grief Group at a community meditation center, this session will illustrate how these ancient practices can cultivate post-traumatic growth and even improve physical and emotional health beyond pre-loss states. Participants will also learn the basic session structure and review relevant literature.

> This is a 5 minute preview sample. Purchase the full recording from the Association of Death Educators & Counselors 2015 Conference Recording Page